basic law


a department of the galactic university

from an inspiration of the galactic nation
to making to save this planetary population
a scientific possibility

a note >

using the following constitution
in this thesis being not done
out of any partiality

toward the specific nation
where this basic law

being the constitution of today

but since it being a perfect example
to showing that such a constitution
would make to saving

of this world a scientific reality

and to honor the authors of this basic law
having come up with this exceptional constitution

out of remorse over this tragity resulting
in the 3. reich and this second world war

having to come up with a constitution
that needed to be authorized by the allied powers
after the end of millitary governing

you can read the whole text here

Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany

of cource
this constitution as of now
being not enforcible

since this was done away with illegaly
already in 1951 with an unconstitutinal democratic law

as it was in 1933 by the 3. reich


all this work
was for nothing so far

postulate >

human dignity can only becoming
when it reaches its fulfillment ...
meaning its development
as a person can
go on

so according to the specifications of article 1 + 2
of the basic law

that can never mean
that the wrong interpretation
of the basic law should be

that one political party
has to compete with the other

precisely to this realization
for the honor for the human being
so towards a homo sapiens

so towards an entity
those with wisdom and understanding
shapeing their future

with the fanning to the madness
of the citizen in a number of ways ...
to guarantee his end

they all share of coming to power
are not at all constitutional

only homo sapiens parties
can meet the requirements of the basic law
because only this is the fulfillment
can be of the human being
as people can

all of these problem parties
and theirs of these unconstitutionals
their production of stupid voters

due to their terrible condition
being on the run from reality

can not guarantee fulfillment at all
just perpetuate their madness ...

so only guarantee their end
there by against article 2 of the basic law

nor can it be worthy of a person
that he let himself be fooled into suicide

to be able to compete in a mass insanity
so this tyranny of this masses of madness

that all their leaders as well kindled
that there presidents have fanned
to taste their madness

so we need
if we follow the basic law conclusively
want to have

competing wisdom parties
being fully understandible

thus scientifically proven
presenting solutions

and never write problems before
so like since the seizure of power
to every madness having been voted
into power on this planet

with all these power seizure laws

to keep people from their rights
because they are crazy about the masses
for the benefit of all this economic miracles

so this problem
that has no future
all these gigantic tons of co2
into the atmosphere

that we know about today
that it can never be sustainable

so we only need moderate citizens
they know what they are doing

who pay close attention to it
that all go to their fulfillment
and no one comes up with the crazy
insensible idea

the fulfillment of all in the universe
to end

just because their fanned on madness
wanted it that way

out of envy of their failure
to existing as a human being
preventing all fulfillment

so we need freedom
to guarantee the honor of of every human

by making one his rights
enforceable as a human being
and no delusional rights


predatory animal rights
climate tilting right
poisoning rights
ill making rights

it can not be right
ergo this prevention
of fulfillment

of the human being

only his fulfillment can
be his fulfillment

not the prevention
of his or her or any other
human fulfillment

some of the fff movement

are thinking

that there can be no green capitalism

but if we
have homo sapiens parties

ergo constitutional politics
competing with wisdom

then we could
maintain capitalism
and still save this world

since now all with wisdom
to compete

ergo this
basic law fulfilling

our cosmic community

the sapiens foundation

the galactic university

the cosmic institute
the institute of cosmic religion

the utopia institute

published by

galactic central information